Adult Formation

Adult Sunday School, 9:30 am, from April 30th to June 4th

  • Demystifying the Book of Revelation:
  • What does the Book of Revelation mean? Does it have a message for today? This is a six part video series taught by Father Bill Burton. Father Bill is an expert at explaining parts of the Bible that baffle us. In this case, he also busts myths that have been perpetuated for centuries.We will meet for six Sundays and study the following topics:
    • The Genre of Apocalyptic Literature and How to “Read” It
    • Jewish Sources, Like the Book of Daniel, that Inspired Revelation’s Author
    • The Basics: Who wrote Revelation? When? What does the book say?
    • What Makes this Book So Attractive to So Many?
    • The Erroneous “Rapturist” Interpretation
    • A Better Understanding


Midweek Formation Opportunities:

Women Alive: Tuesday Mornings at 6:30, Sherill Hall

  • For any women in the parish, this is a great time for discussion, good food, and Bible study.

Men’s Fellowship: Thursday Mornings at 7:00, Sherill Hall

  • For any men in the parish, there is Bible study, coffee, and plenty of doughnuts.

Noonday Bible Study: Thursdays, 12 Noon, Library

  • An in-depth study of Scripture, moving through various books of the Bible.  Open to everyone.