Adult Formation

Adult Sunday School, 9:30 am, beginning June 25

  • The Temple Revealed: From Creation to Revelation, by Dr. Dinah Dye, is
    • This is an 8-part teaching that examines the symbolism of the temple throughout the Bible. This study is an overview that seeks to identify the temple as the framework for study and research. Many difficulties arise when we try to make our modern understanding fit into the ancient worldview. Symbols and imagery are examined not only from an Ancient Near East (ANE) perspective, but also from the writings of the Second Temple Period. The series will help people recognize temple language all through scripture. Yeshua (Jesus) spoke and taught largely using parables which were in reality filled with temple imagery. Session titles include:  The Temple Revealed in… The Ancient World, The Garden, the Days of Noah, The Tents of the Patriarchs, The Land of Goshen, The Wilderness Sanctuary, The Tabernacle, Solomon’s Temple, The Gospels and Epistles and Revelation. Bring your coffee/tea and donut and take part in the video and discussion.


Midweek Formation Opportunities:

Women Alive: Tuesday Mornings at 6:30, Sherill Hall

  • For any women in the parish, this is a great time for discussion, good food, and Bible study.

Men’s Fellowship: Thursday Mornings at 7:00, Sherill Hall

  • For any men in the parish, there is Bible study, coffee, and plenty of doughnuts.

Noonday Bible Study: Thursdays, 12 Noon, Library

  • An in-depth study of Scripture, moving through various books of the Bible.  Open to everyone.