Christ For The World

Christ for the world we sing; the world to Christ we bring with one accord: with us the work to share, with us reproach to dare, with us the cross to bear, for Christ our Lord.

It’s easy to think very little about what our financial offerings to the parish do once they leave our hands, wallets, or bank accounts.

But your generosity…it is literally changing the world! Beginning here, and traveling across the globe, your tithes and offerings are making an incredible difference.

Here are just a few examples of the mission and ministry of TOTH that stem from your financial generosity:

  • Bibles and other materials are purchased for new believers, nurturing their faith in Jesus Christ..
  • Hundreds of hungry high-schoolers are fed every Friday
  • Programs to support survivors of sexual violence have been funded by TOTH, creating a healthier, safer atmosphere in Los Alamos.
  • Musical excellence provided by our world-class staff enables members and visitors alike to experience the beauty and goodness of God.
  • Homes are built in Juarez for those in need of safe shelter.
  • People of all ages learn and grow in their faith through our Christian Formation programs.

Whether you are a long-time giver or you’ve haven’t yet had the opportunity to share your financial resources with TOTH in the service of Jesus Christ, you are invited to join us in helping us grow more faithfully as a parish aspiring to be Christ For The World!

Some of you might be wondering, “Why should I pledge?” Here are a few helpful reasons that can give you an idea:

  • It is an important part of your faith journey.
  • It is a promise to your parish.
  • It is a witness to your faith in God.
  • It helps the vestry develop a more accurate plan for the church year.
  • It is an act of faith and a faithful response to the goodness of God you have experienced.

Though our Consecration Sunday has passed, you are never to late to join the amazing work God is doing through Trinity on the Hill. Download a copy of the pledge card to turn into the office, or simply use the online form below!

To fill out your Estimate of Giving Card online, simply use the form below:

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