Searching for a Director of Music

Trinity on the Hill is seeking a new Director of Music. The Director of Music (DOM) at Trinity on the Hill (TOTH) is a part-time position (10-15 hours a week), responsible for overseeing the totality of the musical life of the parish. The DOM serves under the direction of the Rector and is responsible for the direction of the Chancel Choir and the Youth Choir. The compensation for the position is set at $10,000 per year. This position requires a person who is musically talented, flexible, and creative.

Please send a letter of interest, a resume, and three references to Trinity on the Hill Episcopal Church, Attn: Fr. Christopher Adams, 3900 Trinity Dr. Los Alamos, NM 87544


1. Provide leadership and direction for the 10:30 am service. In addition, provide leadership, and direction of other services and events as determined by the Rector.
2. Oversees the selection of hymns and service music for services, under the direction of the Rector, and in collaboration with the Organist.
3. Arrange and conduct rehearsals with the Chancel Choir and Youth Choir for services at a mutually agreed upon time and day with the choir members.
4. Arrange and conduct additional choir rehearsals for holidays and special events throughout the year.
5. Ensures that all musical programs at TOTH are healthy, joy-filled, and conducive to spiritual growth for the participants.
6. Rehearses hymns and service music to ensure a high quality result.
7. Teach new hymns to congregation typically by rehearsing in advance with the choir.
8. Select choir pieces that add to the worship experience, are appropriate for the skills of the choir members, and are musically sound.
9. Help recruit new members for the choir.
10. As needed, rewrite or transpose musical compositions and melodic lines to adapt them to the needs and skills of the choir.
11. Provide coaching and development of choir members in a strengths-based, positive way.
12. Develop and maintain constructive and cooperative working relationships with others.
13. Be or become familiar with The Episcopal Church’s expression of worship and the Liturgical Calendar.
14. Maintain the sheet music library, including pulling music from the files and putting it in the choristers’ numbered slots in the hall outside the loft. This is usually done by season. Anthems are selected based upon a particular Sunday’s lectionary readings and/or collect.
15. Collect, collate and re-file choir music after it has been used in a service.
16. Procure (within the allotted budget) new music for the choirs. When a new piece comes in, the DOM catalogs the new piece in the database on the computer in the choir office.
17. The DOM calls a regular meeting (typically prior to a new liturgical season) with the Rector, organist and other necessary parties to discuss music for upcoming services.
18. Take the Safeguarding God’s Children course (at the cost of the parish.)
19. Support the mission and vision of TOTH.