Elders’ Group

Are you someone who doesn’t have to go to work on Monday mornings? You should consider dropping in on a meeting of The TotH Elders’ Group at 10: AM on the fourth Monday of every month. Sometimes we enjoy a presentation by a speaker from the Los Alamos area. Sometimes we take a short field trip. Sometimes members of the group talk about their own interests or experiences. Maybe you have something to show or tell us about. Or maybe you just want to come for a delicious snack with coffee and conversation with friends. Everyone is welcome. Look for our announcements in the Tidings and the Sunday bulletin or contact bradford@losalamos.com to get a monthly email notice.

Our Next Meeting: Monday, September 23rd, 10AM

TOTH ELDERS’ GROUP will hold its usual fourth Monday meeting in Sherrill Hall at 10:00 AM on September 23 . We will be informed by Lynn Finnegan of her experiences along “A Journey to Ordination”. Light morning refreshments will be available. Come and enjoy the company of friends, and learn about the experiences of discerning and responding to a call that changes the direction of an individual’s life.