Find Rest for Your Soul

It is wonderful to worship with our church family, to pray and come closer to God. But what of the more practical side of our lives – how can we best walk in our faith in the daily challenges we face every day? The New Testament is chock full of answers to nearly every problem we might encounter.

Join us in Sherrill Hall at 9:30 a.m. each Sunday for a new series in Spiritual Development: Find Rest for Your Soul: Christian Approaches to Life’s Challenges.

Starting on January 14, Steve Younger will present a series of ten discussions on how we find guidance and inspiration from the teachings and parables of Jesus Christ. Topics include Belief and Doubt, Health and Sickness, Forgiveness and Guilt, Confidence and Anxiety, Success and Failure, Fellowship and Solitude, and much more. Come and join us to hear how Christ’s teachings can help with every delight and challenge in life!