Youth Ministry


Sunday School

We meet in Kelly Hall at 9:15 for food and camaraderie. Following breakfast, we break into smaller groups at 9:30.

We do not divide kids strictly by grade. Rather, we allow kids to choose if they want the option geared towards younger kids (Ms. Leila’s Class) or the one for older kids (led by Mother Laurie).

Through creative brainstorming, we relied on the youth to shape the focus of our Sunday School. They have decided that anytime “Good Books” comes, we would have a “Bring your favorite book day”. On three day weekends, we will offer activities that allow for more interaction between younger and older kids. For example, over labor day we built a tee-pee and covered it with artwork and emphasized “Abide in me”. October 7th, we are going to build a paper mache scarecrow for the Main Street Halloween contest. On November 11th, we are going to decorate cookies and artwork to send in care packages. There will always be an option for the younger kids to stay in Leila’s Workshop for three day weekend Sundays.

Other ideas the youth had: brainstorming about how the church can be more environmentally friendly followed by a presentation at the Adult Sunday School class (on Sept 23rd); explore emotions and the Psalms through reading, drawing/coloring, and even writing some of their own; inviting adults to share their faith story; making a video about why they love TOTH and inviting people to come for Christmas services; discussing other denominations and religions, including visiting other worship services; planning and leading a service; etc.

If you are a parent of a youth, please encourage them come at least a couple of times and see if we can find out what would make it worth their while to come regularly!


Youth Group

Our Youth Group serves 7th-12th Grades and creates wonderful opportunities for spiritual development and personal growth in the critical years before graduation.

Kandice and Jeff Favorite serve as the Youth Group coordinators and are much beloved for their hospitality and the deep care with which they minister.

Youth Greep meets on Sunday nights from 5-7pm at the home of Kandice and Jeff Favorite.

For more information, including the address of Kandice and Jeff Favorite, contact the Church Office at 505-662-5107