Adult Formation

Adult Sunday School, 9:15am, Sherrill Hall

Beginning March 8th: Making Sense of Salvation

For 5 sessions, our seminarian, Jill Cacy Cline, will lead us in discussions and reflections on the various theories of the Atonement.  For nearly 2,000 years, Christians have been debating the significance and meaning of Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection.  Though we won’t come out with an answer everyone can agree on, this promises to be a unique series full of fruitful discussion.

Midweek Formation Opportunities:

Women Alive: Tuesday Mornings at 6:30, Sherill Hall

  • For any women in the parish, this is a great time for discussion, good food, and Bible study.

Men’s Fellowship: Thursday Mornings at 7:00, Sherill Hall

  • For any men in the parish, there is Bible study, coffee, and plenty of doughnuts.

Noonday Bible Study: Thursdays, 12 Noon, Library

  • An in-depth study of Scripture, moving through various books of the Bible.  Open to everyone.