Adult Study: Our Enquirers Class

Adult Sunday School beginning November 14

Join us in Sherill Hall at 9:15!

Our next Christian Education module is Questioning Companions, led by Mother Laurie Triplett.  Our goal is to answer some questions that those new to the faith or Episcopal church have while also taking advantage of the wealth of knowledge that others have.  So even if you aren’t new to the faith or Episcopal church, please come and share your insights!

Traditionally, newcomers or visitors to the Episcopal Church may choose to attend an Inquirer’s Class to learn about the beliefs, history, worship, and practices of the Episcopal Church. Participants in the class may be known as inquirers. Those who wish to become members of the Episcopal Church may be presented for Confirmation or Reception if they have already been baptized.

 Questioning Companions will cover similar topics, but bring in the experience of parishioners.

Sunday, November 14: The Book of Common Prayer
Sunday, November 21: Anglican Theology, including Free Will – Why do bad things happen to good people? and Theodicy-  Is it okay to doubt God? (Susan Sprake)
Sunday, November 28: The History of the Church (Father Raymond) Download a PDF of slides Part I
Sunday, December 5: The History of the Church, part 2 (Father Raymond) Download a PDF of slides Part II
Sunday, December 12: From the Series The Chosen: The Shepherd, a Story of the First Christmas (Susan Sprake)

Assets useful for the class:

The Book of Common Prayer, online:

The Lectionary online:

If you have questions, please email the office (