All Saints’ and All Souls’

The Feast of All Saints is one of the 7 principal feasts of the Episcopal Church. In short, this is a really important day!

We will be keeping this feast on Friday, November 1st, at 8:30am in the Chapel. We will also be celebrating it on Sunday, November 3rd, at our regularly scheduled services.

This year, we will also be celebrating All Souls’ Day on Saturday, November 2nd, at 8am in the Chapel.

A lesser celebrated feast in our tradition, it is nevertheless an important day in the life of the Church. From An Episcopal Dictionary of the Church: “This optional observance is an extension of All Saints’ Day. While All Saints’ is to remember all the saints, popular piety felt the need to distinguish between outstanding saints and those who are unknown in the wider fellowship of the church, especially family members and friends.”

Make it a point to come to both of these wonderful celebrations! You will be blessed!