Book and Bible Study

Mother Mary Ann will lead a book and Bible study, beginning with Those Episkopals by Dennis Maynard. The church has copies of the book ton share with participants.

Join us on Thursdays at noon in the parish Library for Bible and Book study. Feel free to bring your lunch. We will start with discussing “Those Episkopols” this Thursday, August 10. Beginning on Wednesdays in September, we will also have a meeting time on Wednesdays at 6:00 pm.

The Episcopal Church is known as the “thinking person’s religion” to those of us that love her. It is a Church solidly grounded in scripture, tradition, and reason. In this best selling book Doctor Maynard explains why it is also a Church that will not accept simplistic answers to complex questions. With humor and insight he answers some of the following questions and others frequently asked by inquirers. Why do Episcopalians read their prayers? Does God like all that ritual? Can you believe anything you want and be an Episcopalian? Why do Episcopalians reject Biblical Fundamentalism? The inquirer will finish the book with a better understanding of The Episcopal Church. Those that are already members will have the reasons they became Episcopalians warmly confirmed. The author gently reminds all readers that if you don’t feel good enough to go to any other church, The Episcopal Church welcomes you!