Covid 19 and the Church

As long as Los Alamos County is in the “red,” Trinity on the Hill will ask all visitors to wear masks for the safety of eveyone in the congregation. In keeping with the Bishop’s policy, Communicants will be offered an intincted wafer at Communion, passed with sterile tweezers.

The Rev. Canon Raymond Raney

Concerning the Return to the Common Cup

Update above. TOTH looks forward to the time we can again share the Common Cip.

Your TOTH Vestry met this past Thursday, April 28, 2022, in advance of Bishop Hunn’s publication of the new diocesan policy concerning “The Return to the Common Cup.” The vestry voted to begin offering the option to drink from the chalice starting Sunday May 8, 2022.

The change in policy was the topic at the Clergy Gathering (via Zoom) on Tuesday April 26, so the elements of the new policy were incorporated in the Vestry discussion. All considerations opening the congregation to a lessening of Covid restrictions continue to be based on a continuation of Los Alamos County being considered Green/Low according to the CDC.

In keeping with the Bishop’s policy, Communicants will be offered a choice of receiving the wafer and wine from the common cup or receiving the intincted wafer. All Communicants also have the option of receiving just the wine or just the wafer, which is in keeping with the Eucharist being complete in either form – bread or wine. Gluten-free wafers will continue to be available upon request.

We will continue to intinct the host using tweezers to diminish any possibility of transmission. Likewise, the Lay Eucharistic Ministers will be trained to wipe the brim and rotate the chalice to ensure no one drinks from the same place consecutively – all to reduce the possibility of transmission. Details about communion and public health can be found here.

The Eucharistic Ministers, both Clergy and Lay, will use hand sanitizer before communicating the elements.

Blessings as we move into another new beginning.

The Rev. Canon Raymond Raney
Interim Priest in Charge
Trinity on the Hill Episcopal Church