A Guide to Digital Worship

Let’s face it: visiting a church for the first time is always strange. You may not know anybody, and the service itself may be unfamiliar and strange to you. But during COVID-19, when everything is online, there are even stranger things to deal with as a visitor. So, in an attempt to make ‘visiting’ Trinity on the Hill easier online during COVID-19, here’s a simple guide:

-All of our worship services happen at www.facebook.com/TrinityOTH. You don’t need to have a Facebook account to join us. Our page is public, so you can just sit back and worship without worrying about logging in to Facebook. If you do have a profile, however, you can add comments to our live-stream videos letting us know you are joining and asking for prayer requests

We have worship on Wednesdays at 12pm and Sundays at 10:30am. The liturgy (the order of service) of the Episcopal Church can be pretty complex for first time visitors, so it’s okay if you feel a bit ‘out of sorts’ if you are joining us for the first time. We provide a Digital Bulletin that includes all the readings and the prayers you will need to worship with us from home. You can find that by going to www.latoth.org/digitalworship

-If you would like to have a brief introduction to how and why we worship the way we do, visit https://episcopalchurch.org/book-common-prayer for a quick introduction as well as a free PDF copy of the Book of Common Prayer. You can also find out other information about what the Episcopal Church Believes.

-We have four different ways to connect with other members of Trinity on the Hill during the week.

Tuesday at 10am: Coffee Hour and Casual Conversation

Wednesday at 5:30pm: Chime Choir (Children’s Ministry for K-6)

Friday at 2pm: Bible Study

Sunday at 12:15pm: Christian Formation (aka Sunday School)

These all occur on Zoom, and we send the links for these via email. If you would like to join us for these, email the Parish Administrator at cynthiab@latoth.org to be added to the list

If you do join us, and feel like you might want to be more involved, or get more information, you can fill out a Digital Visitor’s Card by clicking the link below

Digital Visitor Card

-This isn’t exhaustive, and might actually create more questions for you. That’s okay. Visiting a church during these strange days is an unfamiliar and perhaps difficult task. But we are here to make connecting easier for you. If you have any questions, feel free to email the Pastor at cadams@latoth.org or call him at 252-452-8540 (his personal cell phone)