Faithful Christ, Faithful Church

Stewardship—like everything else—has been a little different in 2020. We often hear about stewardship in terms of time, talent, and treasure, but this year God called the stewards at Trinity on the Hill to so much more.
God called us to safeguard our families through truly unusual times – and without close contact with our physical TOTH community. God called parents and teachers to have unending patience and creativity as they reassured and educated our children. God called our clergy and staff to develop, almost overnight, the means of sharing the Gospel and Eucharist online in a way that felt as familiar as possible. (Remember those glorious Easter, Pentecost, and All Saints services!) God also called us to continue supporting our clergy and staff, to maintain our buildings, to help those in need in our community, and to meet our obligations to the Diocese. Fortunately, our 2020 giving is keeping pace with our 2019 figures, but we still have a projected $20,000 deficit in overall spending for 2020.

The reality is that God is calling all of us to continue supporting and growing TOTH with our time, talent, and, yes, our treasure. With Fr. Chris’s guidance, the Vestry agreed we did not want the usual stewardship campaign with catchy slogans, crafty handouts, or a month of sermons and witness talks from the Stewardship Committee. There will be at least one sermon, however, and right now the Vestry is asking each member of our church to prayerfully consider how they can support TOTH in 2021.

The tithe is still the recognized standard for giving, but the Vestry does not want to put a percentage on our giving target this year. We are very aware that for some families to tithe would be unthinkable and for others it may be a welcome challenge. Please pray about this, complete an Estimate of Giving Card (available as a download or a digital form below), and mail the card back to the church so Fr. Chris may bless these tangible commitments to TOTH at the altar on Sunday December 6, 2020, the feast of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.

Friends, we hope that Trinity on the Hill has been a significant part of the encouragement and strength you needed to weather the pandemic and will be the same in future years. Please join your Vestry in pledging the funds needed to support Trinity on the Hill in 2021, to continue to provide outreach to those who are less fortunate, and to set an example of a strong Christian family for our children and the community of Los Alamos.

The Vestry has been meeting virtually this year to pray about what God is calling TOTH to do, as well as making difficult emotional, moral, legal, and financial decisions. We have faithfully agreed to shoulder these responsibilities, but now we need you to join us by giving your pledge of financial support for the coming year. Together, with God’s help, we can ensure that TOTH will make it through these unprecedented times and emerge as a stronger, more committed faith community.

Thank you for your prayers and commitment to Trinity on the Hill. If you have questions or concerns about stewardship, the Vestry and Fr. Chris welcome your engagement.

Yours in Christ,
The Vestry of Trinity on the Hill

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