Our Patron Saint

On Sunday, May 7, 2017, Trinity on the Hill took St. Athanasius of Alexandria as the Patron Saint of the Parish. The custom of taking a patron saint is an ancient one.  In the early days of Christianity, churches were sometimes built over the tombs of martyrs and saints.  Naturally, the church took the name of the saint buried beneath their building to be the name of the parish.  Often, patron saints are taken to reflect a particular aspect of the life of the parish.

St. Athanasius is significant to us for two reasons: 1) We are a parish that believes strongly in the apostolic faith passed down to us and reflected in the Nicene Creed.  St. Athanasius is directly responsible for a significant section of the Creed which speaks of the divinity of Jesus Christ.  2) Our chapel, which is the original worshipping space of Trinity on the Hill, has been named the St. Athanasius Chapel for many years now.  By taking St. Athanasius as our patron, we both honor the history of this parish and plant our flag firmly upon the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

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An icon of St. Athanasius painted for our parish.