Point/Counterpoint: A Christian Primer with a Twist

Beginning March 3, at 9:15 in Sherrill Hall, and continuing until May 12, a new kind of Christian formation class will be offered.

Point/Counterpoint will explore basic Christian doctrines and will serve both as an introduction to the Christian Faith and as an introduction to the Episcopal Church.

But, here’s the twist. Every session will explore a ‘traditional’ reading and an ‘alternative’ reading of these key doctrines. Reading materials from both perspectives will be provided in advance for each class.

Too often, Christians are given instruction in key doctrines without being forced to wrestle with them. But, at Trinity on the Hill, we don’t believe that God wants us to simply nod our heads in agreement with everything that is presented to us.

God has given us minds to think, reason, and wrestle for a reason. The faith we affirm should be a faith that is our own, that we have explored deeply, not just simply agreed to.

The schedule for this class is as follows:

March 17: Who (or What) is God?

April 7: Jesus is (not?) Lord

April 14: Salvation (is so out of fashion)

April 28: Creeds (What are they Good For)

May 5: Scripting the Scriptures

May 12: Sacraments: Mystery of Magic?