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The Administration Ministry is responsible for developing, updating, and keeping current the (non- clergy) administrative functions of Trinity on the Hill. This includes: policies and procedures, room rentals, office equipment and supplies, computers (software and hardware), communication (website, Tidings, Tidbits), insurance policies, financial commitments (Smiths Bucks, credit card reader), and Stewardship.

The Christian Education/Youth Ministry has been blessed with many wonderful, spirit-filled, dedicated ministry partners. We have offered weekly opportunities for everyone from birth (in Wendy’s ministry of sharing God with our youngest members) to a variety of programs for elementary through high school (Sunday School, Children’s Chapel) to a variety of programs offered to those over 18 (Adult Education, Mens’ Fellowship Bible Study, Mid-week Bible study, Education for Ministry). We offered other opportunities throughout the year (VBS, Lenten Program, Inquirer’s class). The strength in our program is combining inte-rgenerational ministry and integrating our communal study of God with our communal prayer and praise of God.

The Outreach Ministry at Trinity on the Hill offers monetary support to those in need outside the parish by distributing budgeted outreach funds and designated gifts to appropriate charities and individuals, internationally, nationally, regionally, and locally. It also oversees many hands on activities throughout the year that make a difference in the lives of the needy and responds to emergencies locally and beyond.  Some of the special ministries that are overseen by the Outreach Ministry include:

SHOP ON THE CORNER, the thrift shop of TOTH, which has been in operation for some 50 years. The Shop provides a place for community members to purchase affordable clothing and household goods, all of which have been donated by parish members and the community. The shop gives away excess/unsellable goods to other entities, namely the Bernal Community Center near Las Vegas, NM, and the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization. In addition, the Shop has provided items to the Children’s Bazaar (see below), and to various fundraising auctions held at TOTH, as well as to Hope Pregnancy Center, Esperanza Shelter in Santa Fe, the Animal Shelter, Habitat’s ReStore, and others. In 2023, the Shop was able to donate over $80,000 to 26 worthy causes, including food pantries, homeless shelters, Veterans groups, youth programs, TOTH clergy discretionary funds and Diocesan ministries.

FIRST SUNDAY FOOD SUNDAY is very well supported by our congregation. The first Sunday of each month we ask folks to contribute non-perishable foods, paper products and cleaning supplies all of which is donated to LA Cares. This organization distributes boxes to upwards of 90 residents of Los Alamos who are in financial need and often unable to afford to feed their families all all month long.

CHILDREN’S CHRISTMAS BAZAAR, an event held annually for children of the community to do their own Christmas shopping for friends and loved ones. Items are all donated by parishioners and community members and are collected year round and stored. Prices are very reasonable, and gift wrapping is included. The parents socialize in another part of the building while their children are shopping. The event requires some 60 volunteers.

JUAREZ HOUSEBUILDING MISSION TRIPS, which have taken place since 2005. Initially the trips were women only teams, called House of Hope. A second co-ed trip was formed after a few years which was called Trinity Builders. Team members pay their own personal costs and the cost of the trip itself, including the cost of the materials and labor for the house, is covered by donations and various fundraising events.

ADOPT-A-FAMILY, a project that TOTH has undertaken for many years, which involves giving parishioners the opportunity to “adopt” a needy family from a Northern New Mexico community and to purchase food for their Christmas dinner, as well as extra food in general, plus small gifts for the family members.

UNITED THANK OFFERING is a 125-year-old Episcopal Church program which invites church members and families to put coins in their UTO “little blue box” as they give daily thanks to God for His many blessings in our lives. Ingatherings are held twice a year, and the total sum is transmitted at the Diocesan Convention, where it is blessed and sent on the the National UTO office. In 2015 over $1.5 million was offered and was distributed in the form of 55 grants to special projects throughout the country and in developing countries.

THE MITTEN TREE is set up in Kelly Hall during Advent through Epiphany for people to “decorate” with mittens, gloves, hats, scarves, etc, either handmade or store bought. The items are then blessed at the Epiphany service and sent on to our brothers and sisters at the Navajo-land Area Episcopal Mission.

The Outreach Ministry invites anyone in the parish to participate in one or more of these activities. We believe that when Jesus commanded us to “Love our neighbor” he meant for us to translate that love to action, by sharing our time, talent, and treasure where needed.

The Christian Education Ministry provides opportunities for TOTH members of all ages to grow in their Christian faith. Church school, the library, Vacation Bible School and Day Camp, adult classes and forums (e.g., weekly Bible study, Education for Ministry, and Lenten study) are just some of the activities sponsored by this ministry.

The Parish Life Ministry promotes and oversees social functions organized by the TOTH community for the TOTH community. It supports all parish-wide potluck meals, receptions, special events, diocesan events at TOTH, and coffee hours. It oversees the kitchen facilities and supplies and provides informational assistance for private receptions or events at TOTH. The Parish Life committee also coordinates rides to medical appointments for parishioners in need and meals for the sick and shut-in. The love and support offered by this ministry should not go without mention. TOTH members who volunteer for this ministry touch their fellow parishioners at often difficult or challenging times.