Sunday School for Children

Every Sunday at 9:15, Sunday School is held for children in Kelly Hall. The weekly lessons are based on the curriculum “Dig In! Take Home the Bible in one Year.”

Click on the weekly lesson title for a short description.

October 30: Genesis 15 – God Promises Abram a Son

Abram is an old man with no children. But God makes an amazing promise: to give him more descendants than there are stars in the sky. Wow! Abram believed God, and God kept his promise. God keeps his promises to us, too.

November 7: Genesis 18:1-15; 21:1-6 – God Promises Sarah a Son

Sarah hears God promise she’ll have a son within the next year. Sarah is very old, so she laughs at the idea. But by the next year, she has a son. She names him Isaac, which means laughter, because God brought her laughter. God brings us laughter, too.

November 14: Genesis 27; 32–33 – God Brings Jacob and Esau Back Together

Jacob tricks his dad into giving him his brother’s blessing. Jacob’s brother Esau is mad, so Jacob runs away. After years apart, Jacob sends gifts to Esau to try to make up. Esau forgives Jacob, and the brothers reunite. God helps us make things right.

November 20: Genesis 37–50 – God Has a Plan for Joseph

Joseph has a lot of ups and downs. His brothers sell him into slavery. He becomes a respected servant but then goes to jail. Finally, the Pharaoh asks Joseph to interpret his dream and then gives him an important role. God has a big picture through ups and downs.

November 27: Exodus 2:1-10 – God Sends Miriam to Protect Moses

Pharaoh makes a rule to kill all Hebrew baby boys. When Moses is born, his mother manages to hide him. Then God uses Moses’ sister, Miriam, to keep Moses safe as he floats in a basket in the Nile River. God takes care of us through others, so Moses stays safe.

December 4: Exodus 12:1-42; 14:5-31 – God Rescues the Israelites

God sends a final plague so Pharaoh will let the Israelites escape. God kills all the firstborn sons, passing over homes with lambs’ blood on the door frames. The Israelites escape, but the Red Sea is in their way. God parts the Red Sea. God wants what’s best for us.

December 11: Exodus 20:1-21- Exodus: God Gives Moses the Ten Commandments

While Moses is up on a mountain listening to God, God gives him the Ten Commandments. These important instructions are more than just God handing down rules; they’re guidelines for his people to live better lives. God loves us, and God doesn’t want us to get hurt.

December 18: Exodus 32:1-29; 40:12-15 – God Sees Aaron Make a Golden Calf

Moses is gone for a while, and the Israelites get upset. They ask Aaron to make a god they can see. Aaron goes along with the crowd. He makes a golden calf to worship. Thankfully, God loves us even when we go along with the crowd, so he later lets Aaron become a priest.

Numbers 13:1–14:9 – God Gives Caleb Courage

Twelve spies go to scope out the land God promised to the Israelites. Ten come back terrified, with reports of giants. But two, Caleb and Joshua, are confident that God can give them the land, despite the giants, because God is bigger than our fears.

Numbers 22:21-41 – God Makes Balaam’s Donkey Talk

As Balaam travels to the Israelites, an angel stands in his path. Balaam doesn’t see the angel, but his donkey does. By the third time his donkey stops, Balaam gets mad at the donkey, and God makes the donkey speak to Balaam. God wants to get our attention.